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John Bergano, founder / ceo

  • 12 years in luxury hospitality

  • 2015: Co-founded Contempo Aesthetics (Pasadena, CA) with wife Dr. Rachel Reyes-Bergano

  • Previous GAIN Business Trainer & Consultant with Galderma

  • Current MedSpa Advisory Board Member with Allergan

  • Current Allergan Data Labs Consultant

  • Medical Aesthetics KOL & speaker

  • Launched Aesthetics Card in April 2022 as an extension of place in Medical Aesthetics

  • Healthcare / Beauty & Wellness Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor via partnership with TREP Advisors

    • focus on Medical Aesthetics practices (buy-side and sell-side) 

For media, consulting, & advisory engagements:

(ATTN: John Bergano)

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The Story of Aesthetics Card

I was naive to Aesthetics when I quit my job in June 2015 to launch Contempo Aesthetics with my wife, Dr. Rachel. I didn't know the difference between Botox and dermal filler, how to run a medical practice, or how much capital - emotional and financial - it would take to start. Contempo Aesthetics was founded on personal savings, grit, and determination. That naivety was probably for the best. We scaled with Fintech solutions as our startup practice had challenges (i.e. time in business, cash flow) securing funding from institutional banks and the SBA. It took time and resourcefulness to learn which options could be trusted and how to leverage capital for growth.  

The idea for Aesthetics Card came from having an obsession with credit cards and how Fintech could play a pivotal role in this industry, that on my many levels (i.e. market penetration, technology) is still in its infancy. Curiosity turned into determination to learn and I cast a wide net building my networks in banking, Fintech, payments, and lending; increasing my knowledge, and ultimately my ability, in a new vertical. 

My goal in launching Aesthetics Card is to bring my knowledge, network, and advisory capacity of practice management and Fintech solutions to the Medical Aesthetics vertical, a space I never knew I'd love so much. With the refined touch of luxury hospitality, we are working with the best in-class partners to bring profound products and services to the market via our platform.


Always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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