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How do I apply for Aesthetics Card?

Via the "Apply / Account Login" button on the homepage of Aesthetics Card.

And yes, after approval you will login the same way to access your account.


What is the interest rate?

Aesthetics Card functions as a charge card. Your balance is due in full on a monthly basis. 


Who can apply for Aesthetics Card?

Aesthetics Card is a Visa Business Rewards credit card, however it does require the personal  guarantee of the beneficiary owner / majority shareholder.  


How does the 90-days 0% interest work?

You may select one purchase at a time that can be paid back over 90 days with 0% interest. 

This is ideal for quarterly purchases or to take advantage of vendor sales. 

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What is the maximum credit line I can get approved for?

Aesthetics Card is a growing Fintech ("Financial Technology") firm and our goal is to scale with you. 

Initial credit lines will start out conservatively and be reviewed on a monthly basis. With a solid track record, timely payments, and frequent utilization, we will seek to increase your credit limit over time. 

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Will I receive a physical card?

As of May 2022, Aesthetics Card is a virtual card only. You may add Aesthetics Card to your virtual wallet for easy use anywhere Apply Pay or Google Pay are accepted. You may also log into your account to provide your credit card number and details when making purchases online. Please note that our Aesthetics Card wallet artwork is pending and your card will appear with our partner, SolidFi, as the logo.

Physical cards are currently in the works. We hope to begin mailing physical cards by Summer 2022. 

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What is the application based on?

Aesthetics Card reviews each and every application with specific criteria to make the best informed credit decision. Our underwriters assess business history and performance as well as personal credit. 

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How long does it take to receive approval?

Currently, we are trying to make a credit decision within 3 business days. Based on volume and any additional information required, this timeline may change. You will be notified by email with a credit decision.

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